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  Companies with large debt face risk of default
The preliminary challenge in investing in companies already under insolvency proceedings is - reversal of the order by appellate authority viz. NCLAT or the Supreme Court, explains Ashish Parwani, Partner, Rajani Associates.

Reforming India's Oil & Gas Sector
Avery colourful legend has it that during the construction of the railway line from Dibrugarh to Margherita by Assam Railways & Trading Co (AR&TC) in 1867, a herd of logging elephants returned to the camp with their feet covered in crude oil. Even as this led the AR&TC personnel to look for seepages, the site engineer, WL Lake, reportedly cried out in excitement to his workers, 'Dig boy, dig!' on coming to learn about it.

We want to 'Make in India' for India's railway industry
Subrat Nath, Area Director, Asia-Pacific, Talgo, a privately-held rolling stock and maintenance equipment manufacturer headquartered at Madrid, says that the firm is keen to not only change the way railway journeys are undertaken in India, but also make the country a major manufacturing hub for its products.

Railway projects are gathering pace
Tilak Raj Seth, Executive Vice President, Mobility, Siemens, feels implementation of PPP will provide a fillip to railway projects in India. However, given the size and rapid growth in the country's rail sector, availability of trained manpower will remain a primary challenge.

COMMERCIAL COAL MINING Necessary Certainly, But is it Timely?
Coal mining activities by definition are commercial, but in India this has come to define the right of a coal miner to sell the products in open market.

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