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MNRE to implement Rooftop Solar Programme Phase-II

MNRE to implement Rooftop Solar Programme Phase-II

Target of 4,000 MW RTS capacity addition in residential sector

The Ministry of New and Renewable Energy (MNRE) is executing Rooftop Solar Programme Phase-II, for which the guidelines were released in August 2019.Under this Programme, 4,000 MW rooftop solar (RTS) capacity addition is targeted in the residential sector via Central Financial Assistance (CFA). CFA up to 40% of the benchmark cost is rendered for RTS projects up to 3 kW capacity and up to 20% for RTS system capacity beyond 3 kW and up to 10 kW for individual households. For Group Housing Societies or Residential Welfare Associations (GHS/RWA), CFA is limited to 20% for RTS facilities for supply of power to common facilities with a maximum 500 kW capacity.Additionally, incentives up to 10% of the cost of rooftop solar are rendered to distribution utilities depending upon accomplishments in capacity addition above baseline.The Programme is demand-driven, and capacities are assigned based on demand obtained from distribution utilities and other state executing agencies. The Ministry has so far allocated 3162 MW of capacity for the residential sector. Against the assigned 3162 MW capacity, a total 1252 MW capacity has been recorded as on 28.02.2022. The State-wise details of capacity allocated and established are given as Annexure.Grid connectivity for rooftop solar plants comprising net-metering is provided by distribution utilities according to the regulations notified by the respective State Electricity Regulatory Commission/Joint Electricity Regulatory Commissions. These regulations are informed by regulatory commissions after stakeholder consultation and are amended from time to time.The Ministry regularly checks the progress of execution of the programme comprising the net-metering issues with distribution utilities and advises corrective steps to fix the same.MNRE has additionally released a notification for the Rooftop Solar programme simplification, which inter alia comprises an online application for net-metering approval.

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