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National Road Infra Conclave: Experts discusses road infra trends

National Road Infra Conclave: Experts discusses road infra trends

The first edition of the National Road Infra Conclave (NRIC) 2022 was organised by the Financial Express Online and saw discussions by experts on emerging opportunities and trends in the road infrastructure sector.

The event also analysed the effect of policies and initiatives of the government while identifying the strategies for the faster execution of road projects.

Sudhendu Sinha, Adviser at Niti Aayog, told the media that the idea is very clear that we must be exceeding 50 km a day or beyond that. So concerning laying down quality roads – that is not the only area. To add on to it is ensuring that the road facilities are developed, road safety is assured. The kind of roads that they are laying down are world-class.

He said that authorities have to ensure that the maintenance is also world-class. It is not that we lay down the road, and after a few years, it is gone. He said that the road strength has to be so good that in the event of any crisis- it should be able to bounce back to its original position with the minimum cost and fastest possible ways.

According to Sinha, the roads ought to be green. The kind of materials the authorities are using ought to be sustainable.

Sinha said that a lot of initiatives are being taken to monetise it.

One has to leverage it to bring in private funds, according to him. Now naturally, when we go to a private area, private investors ought to be given that confidence. Monetisation is one of such initiatives, we gain that confidence, and the funds start flowing in from there. A lot of initiatives have been taken, and it is still going on.

Sinha said that with the way Niti Aayog is taking it forward and the way the private sector is putting interest, the authority can find the need for investment in the road sector, which probably is the highest among the infrastructure sector, which itself is a kind of indication, that how much the private sector is valuing their contribution in the roads and how much the allied agencies and government are facilitating their role into it.

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