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Railways invites bids for 200 Vande Bharat Trains

Railways invites bids for 200 Vande Bharat Trains

Indian Railways invites bids for 200 Vande Bharat Trains. The aim is a follow-up on the government’s commitments to bring new Vande Bharat Trains in the budget announcements. The new Vande Bharat trains would have an estimated cost of Rs 26,000 crore for the 200 units.

The new train shall have a sleeper coach for the facilitation of long-distance overnight journeys. These new trains would have 3 classes along with AC-1, AC-2, and AC 3 coaches. It is a necessary update as the current Vande Bharat trains only have chair car seating format. Taking advantage of modern technology, the specifications for transformers, lightweight bogies, motors, and other things, are being produced.

The Vande Bharat trains in the third version will be more energy-efficient, lighter, and will have more modern conveniences as well as passenger facilities. By far, 102 Vande Bharat Express trains having single seating layouts are launched.

The Railway Ministry also plans on increasing the number of Vande Bharat trains on important routes. The reason for the same is majorly based on the speed of trains, as the semi-high-speed rails have the ability to travel at an average speed of 160 kmph.

It is important to note that the procurement of 400 extra Vande Bharat trains had already been announced in the Union Budget of 2022-23. As per the budget provision, a Vande Bharat train of 16 coaches is anticipated to cost Rs 120 crore.

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