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Smart Cities Award 2022: Indore, Surat jointly bags best city award

Smart Cities Award 2022: Indore, Surat jointly bags best city award

On Monday, Indore jointly won the best city award with Surat for their overall performances in different categories of the important initiatives being executed in the 100 Smart Cities.

Indore Municipal Corporation (IMC) commissioner and executive director of Indore Smart City Development Limited (ISCDL) Pratibha Pal, the CEO Rishabh Gupta, ISCDL superintendent engineer DR Lodhi, IMC additional commissioner Sandeep Soni, and office-bearers of HMS NGO received the awards, citations, and mementos from Minister of Housing and Urban Affairs Hardeep Singh Puri during Smart Cities, Smart Urbanisation event held in Surat.

Indore and Surat jointly won the best city award. While the country’s cleanest city was also adjudged as a joint winner in the category of culture for conservation of heritage along with Chandigarh for capitol complex, heritage project. Gwalior won the third position for working on the digital museum.

In the sanitation category, Indore and Tirupati jointly received first prize for the municipal waste management system and bioremediation and biomining, while Surat got third prize for conservation via treated wastewater.

Indore received first prize for the carbon credit financing mechanism in a category called economy. Tirupati and Agra jointly received the second award for promoting local identity and economy via the design studio and micro skill development centre.

In a category called built environment, Indore’s Chappan Dukan received the first prize, and the canal corridor of Surat won second prize, followed by a third prize to Erode city for the micro-compost centre. The carbon credit financial mechanism of Indore received one more first prize in the innovative idea award category. There were some categories, including social aspects, water, governance, urban environment, urban mobility, the sustainable business model of ICCC, and the Covid innovation award, that Indore failed to take a position in the top three cities.

Besides, Uttar Pradesh won the Best State award, while Madhya Pradesh and Tamil Nadu won second and third positions for the overall performance of their smart cities.

Indore and Surat as joint winners of the Smart City Award have maintained their position last year during the Smart Cities Awards 2020.

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