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Vitesco’s Talegaon unit is Green by Choice

Vitesco’s Talegaon unit is Green by Choice

Vitesco Technologies is a leading provider of contemporary drive technologies and electrification solutions for sustainable mobility. The company has consistently adopted sustainable solutions with the aim of being completely carbon neutral by 2023. Its manufacturing facility in Talegaon is India’s largest industrial manufacturing operation to receive the GOLD Certification, says Anurag Garg, Managing Director & Country Head, Vitesco Technologies, India, as he shares more details with CW.

The state-of-the-art manufacturing facility has adopted green refrigerant, which helps in the reduction of fossil fuel use. We have achieved emission neutrality with EAC (energy attribute certifications with Internal REC standards). Green initiatives like employee commuting, carpooling and flexible working hours have been adopted within the plant limits. We have also built envelope sustainability practices like renewable energy use and reuse of water and waste. All these factors have led to the plant being awarded modest ratings.

The cutting-edge plant in Talegaon, Pune, is a setup where renewable energy sources are used to meet the grid demand. Photovoltaic systems have been installed, generating 3 gwh of solar energy. The installed capacity that was 2.6 mw is now nearing 3.6 mw. We aim to establish 100 per cent carbon-neutral operations under the 2030 decarbonisation roadmap. The plant has UV lights installed to eliminate hazardous chemicals under the waste efficiency programme. This has resulted in savings of up to 750 lof sodium hypochlorite per annum.

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