Why carbon data is the key to improving sustainability and reducing emissions

Capturing Carbon data is vital for a green future

Innovation in capturing carbon data is vital to finding the answer for a more sustainable future. By refining, harnessing, and presenting the reams of available information to drive better decision-making, we can radically improve our ability to quantify, track and accelerate our carbon reduction efforts,writes Haima Haldar, Senior Director, Digital Services&Monika Nair, Associate Director, Engineering Net Zero, The Global Technology Center, India, AtkinsRéalis.

Carbon is still a problem without a solution. Despite growing pressure from UN mandates to ESG investing principles, we’re still trialling and testing to find the best way to reduce carbon emissions. Whilst some organisations have reached an unprecedented level of maturity in their carbon awareness, on a macro-level there are still too many circles that must be squared. Sustainability isn’t new – it’s been present in the ethos of planning and design teams for decades. But for too long, it has been diluted, rather than reinforced, throughout the lifecycle of projects.

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