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A Resilient Cover

A Resilient Cover

DURAmembrane is an ideal and reliable membrane-based waterproofing solution.
Generally, there are a few critical areas in a building from where water starts seeping inside – the roof, external walls and foundation. Of these, roof and external wall waterproofing is a very critical area, as it is always exposed to harsh weather conditions, climatic changes and rains. Traditional methods of waterproofing like brickbat coba or mud phuska have certain disadvantages and do not provide reliable waterproofing for the structure. They are rigid and do not move with temperature variation, resulting in cracks and causing seepage.

In recent times, membrane-based waterproofing is gaining popularity as it has higher elongation which easily accommodates thermal expansions and contractions in slabs, and also has crack-bridging ability. However, one should be careful while selecting membrane-based waterproofing materials as all of them may not be effective in providing a solution to your waterproofing requirements. An ideal membrane-based waterproofing material should have the following characteristics:
The membrane should be able to stretch over the cracks that may develop in the future. Elongation is a must in buildings that will move, such as high-rise buildings, or buildings made with steel, which is flexible.
Along with elongation quality, the membrane should be tear-resistant, even if a reasonable force is exerted on it.
The membrane should be chemically inert with respect to the environment in the building.

DURAmembrane by Supreme Industries is a new generation, cost-effective bitumen-free solution for waterproofing of roofs which satisfies all the above characteristics. It is weather-resistant and shockproof, because of tri-dimensional cross-linking of cells.

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