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A ´Supreme´ insulator for air-conditioners

A ´Supreme´ insulator for air-conditioners

The Supreme Industries Limited has introduced INSUflex, a high-vapour resistant insulator for air-conditioning applications.
INSUflex is a CFC-free, black flexible, elastomer, closed-cell Nitrile Rubber thermal insulation. It provides a highly efficient method of insulation and effectively controls condensation against both heat loss and heat gain.

The material is particularly suitable for insulating pipe works for condensation control. It can be used on chilled water pipe lines, refrigerated pipe-works, hot and cold water services and on sheets or rolls in air-conditioning ducts.

INSUflex has a very high diffusion resistance factor to water vapour transmission greater than and equal to 7000, a low thermal conductivity and an excellent fire-safe performance.

It is suitable for temperatures ranging from -55 degrees C to ? degrees C. INSUflex range is resistant to corrosion, fungal and mildew growth and is therefore suitable for clean room applications. Insulation material with a low ´K´ value equates to a high energy saving potential and thermal performance. Thermal conductivity is the main data used to technically calculate insulation thickness required to prevent condensation. It is available in combinations of various wall thickness and diameters to suit GI, copper and PVC pipes. Trend-setters in the plastics industry, Supreme Industries is a pioneer of many path-breaking products in the country with advanced solutions for various applications and industries.

Supreme´s insulation division offers solutions in the areas of ducting insulation, under-deck and over-deck insulation, pipe, floor, sound and wall insulation, as well as insulation joint sealing tapes.

Other ´INSU´ Range products:
´INSUshield´ is a non-fibrous, fire retardant, closed cell, tri-dimensional chemically cross-linked polyethylene XLPE foam. It is an ideal environment-friendly insulation material, with a perfect solution for all insulation needs for ducts, roofs, pipes, vessels, etc.

The advantages of ´INSUshield´ are ease of installation, low thermal conductivity and good moisture and vapour resistance preventing microbial growth, and optimum condensation protection.

´INSUreflector´ is a radiant heat-reflective insulation material made of polyethylene air bubble film (ABF), laminated with aluminium foil on one or both sides. It is a low e-reflective insulation material with a low mass to air ratio, which effectively blocks the radiant heat transfer. The bright surface of the aluminium foil, which encases the FR polyethylene air bubble material, reflects 96 per cent to 99 per cent infra-red radiation received by the surface of the heated slated roof.

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