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Anderman Ceramics appoints new market expert

Anderman Ceramics appoints new market expert

EuropeÂ’s cement and steel sectors will benefit from a greater range of advanced refractory products, with the addition of Julien Soum to Anderman CeramicsÂ’ business development team in France.

As a commercial engineer, Soum has in-depth knowledge of refractories in steel and cement production. For the past five years, he has worked on projects across Europe, including France, Belgium, Spain, Germany and Switzerland. Involved at every stage, from sourcing materials and initial research, to site supervision and product delivery, he knows that different processes demand different refractory solutions.

Soum also appreciates that each kiln is unique and requires a fresh approach every time: “You can have the same model of kiln in Italy but the problems will be totally different. It varies according to the quality of the steel or cement that you produce, and external conditions such as the altitude and weather. Kilns are complex and a huge investment. That’s why I like to build long-term relationships with clients, so I can understand all the problems they face over the months and years.”

Alongside his technical expertise, Soum also has international business qualifications and speaks French, English and Spanish. In commercial terms, he knows how important it is to get refractory choices right — from the concrete refractory bricks that are the foundation of any kiln to advanced ceramic refractory products, which will deal with extreme temperatures, chemical corrosion and issues around strength and flexibility.

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