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Cabotage norms to be eased

Cabotage norms to be eased

In a bid to promote transhipment activity at the International Container Transshipment Terminal in Kochi, the shi­p­­ping ministry is considering relaxing the cabotage norms.

Current cabotage norms allow foreign ships to ply on the coastline of the country only after getting prior licence from the government.While for cargo like bulk, dry bulk and liquid, the shipping ministry wants to make the cabotage law stricter by making licensing process conservative, it is proposing a lenient policy for containers. The shipping ministry is currently drafting the final proposal on cabotage norms and the kind of relaxation it can provide to foreign vessels. While it is for the Cabinet to take a final decision on the matter, the ministry is pushing for a policy that will treat the movement of containers from the port of call to other ports as part of a single export import process.


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