Cement Manufacturers’ Association (CMA) and trade unions sign a new wage pact

The Cement ManufacturersÂ’ Association (CMA) and Federation of major central trade unions (INTUC, AITUC, BMS, HMS, and CITU and LPF) have signed a major wage settlement before the Chief Labour Commissioner (Central) to benefit around 20,000 employees in the Indian cement industry by way of an increase in gross pay, enhanced dearness allowance and service weightage.

The present settlement is for a duration of four years from 01.04.2018 to 31.03.2022. The settlement provides for an increase of Rs 5,000/- per month in the Gross Pay of cement employees (to be paid in two instalments of Rs 2,500/- each in April 2018 and April 2020). The settlement also provides for enhanced Dearness Allowance, Service Weightage benefits and other benefits. Arrears for 11 months will be paid in two instalments.

In all, 21 cement companies, consisting major cement companies of the country, which covers 60 per cent of countryÂ’s total cement capacity had authorised CMA to negotiate with the trade unions on behalf of them.

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