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Everest Blowers Dry vacuum systems

Everest Blowers Dry vacuum systems

Everest Blowers offers dry vacuum pumps with state-of-the-art technology. The dry screw vacuum pump from Everst has the following benefits over steam jet ejector system:

Better vacuum level achieved, distillation temperature is reduced, steam consumption is nil thereby reducing load on boiler, plant and allied equi­pment, load on cooling tower reduced drastically, load on effluent treatment plant is reduced, reduced specific energy consumption by 30-35 per cent, zero start-up time with option of quick start and stop, no vacuum fluctuation during feeding and circulation in the process, no loss of solvent, ie, 100 per cent solvent recovery is enabled and maintenance cost minimised as the dry pump offers robust solutions.

Though the initial investment on the Everest dry pumps is high, the operational cost is comparatively less resulting in the shortest payback of the machine and leading to various other benefits such as less utilities, less waste disposal, better recovery of the product, thereby maintaining the quality of the product, reducing process temperatures, etc. all these lead to the eco-friendly systems and highly efficient process results. 

The maintenance of these dry systems is quite easy as compared to the traditional pumps as there is no fluid present. So, frequent checks are not required to look for the contamination. These pumps only use oil for lubrication of gears which need to be checked over the prescribed period of time depending upon the properties of the lube oil used.

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