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Govt mops up over Rs 190 bn via duty on fuel

Govt mops up over Rs 190 bn via duty on fuel

Union Minister of State for Petroleum & Natural Gas Panabaaka Lakshmi informed the Rajya Sabha that the total amount collected from Additional Excise Duty during 2012-13 (Provisional) is 19,333 crore.

Lakshmi said that the amounts collected during 2011-12 and 2010-11 are Rs 18,428 crore and Rs 16,979 crore respectively.

Stating this, she added that as informed by the Ministry of Finance, Department of Revenue, the State-wise information of Additional Excise Duty collected on Diesel and Petrol is not maintained.

Giving further details about collection and apportioning, the minister said that the revenue from Additional Excise Duty is initially credited to the Consolidated Fund of India and thereafter, Parliament; by appropriation credit such proceeds after adjusting cost of collection to the Central Road Fund (CRF).

The CRF is, thereafter, distributed by Planning Commission amongst three Ministries i.e. Ministry of Rural Development, Ministry of Railways and Ministry of Road Transport & Highways in the manner prescribed under section 10(viii) of the Central Road Fund Act, 2000, Lakshmi informed.

She also said that the government was collecting Additional Excise Duty (Road Cess) on Petrol and Diesel at Rs 2.00 per litre.

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