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Gujarat budget’s focus includes urban dev, port infra

Gujarat budget’s focus includes urban dev, port infra

The Gujarat Government has presented a Rs 2.27 lakh crore budget for the year 2021-2022, with major allocations to urban development, ports, water infrastructure, health infrastructure, and the Ahmedabad-Mumbai bullet train project. This is the state’s largest budget so far.

The state government made major allocations of Rs 32,000 crore to the education sector and Rs 11,323 crore to the health and family welfare department.

The state’s Finance Minister Nitinbhai Patel announced that the state would not increase the current tax rates in the Budget 2021-22 and will not impose any new tax. The state government has also given relief in stamp duty, electricity tax, motor vehicle tax, and others. Various concessions have been given to small businesses and industrial units for the resumption of economic activities.

The move comes after a Rs 14,000 crore relief package was announced in June 2020 for various sections in terms of tax, food security measures and other assistance.

Key allocations in Gujarat Budget 2021-22 related to construction, infrastructure, and industry:

  • Rs 13,493 crore to urban development
  • Rs 13,034 crore for the energy and petrochemical sector
  • Rs 5,494 crore for water resources
  • Rs 3,974 crore for water supply
  • Rs 1,500 crore for the Ahmedabad-Mumbai bullet train project
  • Rs 11,185 crore for roads and buildings department
  • Rs 1,478 crore for ports and transport department
  • Rs 6,599 crore to the industry and mines department
  • Other key allocations:

  • Rs 32,000 crore to education
  • Rs 11,323 crore to health and family welfare
  • Rs 7,232 crore for Krishi Khedut Kalyan Yojana
  • Rs 4,353 for social justice and empowerment
  • Rs 1,502 crore for labour welfare and employment
  • Rs 1,224 crore for food and civil supplies
  • Rs 563 crore for science and technology
  • Rs 1,032 crore for the destitute and old age pension
  • Rs 4,548 crore to revenues
  • Rs 50 crore to buy new police vehicles
  • Rs 100 crore for crop credit in co-operative department
  • Rs 910 crore for the climate change department
  • Rs 1,814 crore for forests and the environment
  • Rs 7,960 crore allocation for the home department

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