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HID ICLASS SE: Smart cards just got smarter

HID ICLASS SE: Smart cards just got smarter

HID Global, leader in solutions for the delivery of secure identity, recently launched its “next generation” access control readers and cre­dentials based on the company's new iCLASS SIO technology-enabled (SE) platform. This platform initiates a significant transformation in how secure identity is delivered and managed by introducing technology-independent digital credentials that can be deployed for use on smart phones, micro­pro­cessor-based cards, contactless smart cards, USB tokens and related devices.

The iCLASS SE platform is an essential building block in the access control industry's first Near Field Communication (NFC)-enabled mobile identity and access management solutions, now being dev­e­loped by the company's various global partners. The new access control platform extends physical access control beyond traditional cards and read­ers to enable deployment of mobile access with digital credentials.

“iCLASS SE provides a standards-based plat­form for implementing exciting new applications for NFC-enabled mobile phones,” said Dr. Selva Selvaratnam, Senior Vice President and CTO with HID Global.

Technical Details: iCLASS SE platform is bas­ed on a combination of Secure Identity Object (SIO) technology on the credential side and the SIO ProcessorTM on the reader side which perform sim­ilar functions to tra­ditional cards and readers, except they use a sta­ndards-based, technology-indep­end­ent and fle­xible identity data structure that provides new level of security, portability and performance.

HID Global's Trusted Identity Platform® (TIPTM) framework is designed to support a secure and trus­ted boundary for cryptographic key delivery in SIO technology-based access control applications. SIO digital credentials also support data authenticity and privacy while inhibiting data cloning by binding information to a specific credential for additional authentication and encryption on top of device-specific security.

Tools for Developers: HID Global has intro­duced the SIO ProcessorTM Developer Tool Kit (DTK) for developing products to the iCLASS SE platform.

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