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Improper repairs to Varanasi roads

Improper repairs to Varanasi roads

The authorities concerned in Varanasi have taken up repairs to the city roads at last. But the contractors are not using the binding material in their works, but simply filling the potholes with boulders. With this, the condition of the city roads is deteriorating further and troubling the motorists and commuters.

The binding material that should be used for repairing the roads is Granular Sub-Base is not being used by the contractors in the road repairs in Varanasi.

On several major roads of the city, like Sigra-Maldahiya road, Pandeypur-Bhakti Nagar Colony road, Mehmoorganj-Sigra road, Rathyatra- Mehmoorganj Road, Pandeypur-Sarnath road, Sundarpur Newada, Padao-Chowkaghat, Lehertara-Manduadih road, potholes have been leveled only with boulders.

In the absence of any binding material, the boulders get scattered on the roads after some time causing trouble to commuters. Many of these roads are left with only a narrow commutable stretch with pebbles and gravels left on rest of the roads.


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