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Innovations needed for road development in India

Innovations needed for road development in India

Director General (Road Development) and Special Secretary of the Union Ministry of Road Transport and Highways (MoRTH) C Kandasamy has said that innovation holds the key to overcoming hurdles in developing roads and junctions.

Kandasamy outlined a slew of measures by which problems like paucity of land and funds can be overcome to construct a network of wide and safe roads in India.
Clover-leaf structures like the one at Kathipara in Chennai hold the key to decongesting busy junctions, he said.

He suggested the acquisition of lands and buildings located on the bell mouth of junctions for building a clover-leaf structure. Within the loops of the structure could be built an apartment complex, shopping mall, multi-tier parking area and other utilities where the evictees can be rehabilitated.

This will bring investors in the realty sector, while decongesting junctions. It will also reduce pollution caused by vehicles caught in snarls, accidents, the cost of land acquisition and help promote inclusive growth (the evictees can be resettled at the junction itself), Kandasamy told a newspaper.

He also suggested that a couple of floors be set apart in high-rise buildings at congested junctions so that roads and highways could be built through them. He cited the example of a highway cutting through floors five to seven of the Gate Tower Building in Osaka, Japan.

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