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JITF urban infrastructure Ltd: Project addresses Delhi's MSW

JITF urban infrastructure Ltd: Project addresses Delhi's MSW

India has explored less than 10 per cent of its potential to generate energy from municipal solid waste. The average per capita waste generation in Indian cities ranged between 0.2 kg and 0.6 kg, while the overall municipal waste generation in India is about 48 million tonne and is anticipated to grow at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of five per cent, over the next two years.

That is why the Timarpur-Okhla Municipal Solid Waste Management Project, India’s first commercial Waste-to-Energy plant to generate 20 MW of clean renewable energy by using 1,950 tonnes (more than 200 truck loads) of Municipal Solid Waste, is so significant.

Set up with an investment of over Rs 200 crore, the Jindal ITF-owned plant will use about a third of the daily Municipal Solid Waste (MSW) of Delhi, which stands at anything between 6,000 and 8,000 tonne per day, thus helping resolve two critical issues faced by Delhi—municipal waste disposal and power shortage.

New Delhi Municipal Corporation (NDMC) and Municipal Corporation of Delhi (MCD) will provide the waste free of cost. This initiative aims to bring electricity to more than 600,000 homes. The project is registered with UNFCCC in order to earn carbon credits. JITF will design, finance, construct, operate and manage the Timarpur-Okhla municipal solid waste project on a Build, Own, Operate and Transfer (BOOT) concession basis.

Excellence Award: JITF Urban Infrastructure Ltd (a part of OP Jindal Group) received the Frost & Sullivan—Waste to Energy Deal of the Year Award, in the Indian Municipal Waste to Energy Market, for the year 2010. The company was identified as an upcoming player in the fledgling municipal waste to energy market.

The Frost & Sullivan Environment Excellence Awards are given in recognition of the inspiring and exemplary achievements by companies operating in the environment industry.

On the occasion, Allard M Nooy, CEO, JITF Urban Infrastructure Ltd, and JITF Water Infrastructure Ltd, said, “The award validates our mission to design, build and operate safe, reliable, sustainable and environmentally superior solutions. It also reinforces our commitment to offer sound solutions which help address some of today’s most pressing challenges—diversifying the energy supply, protecting the environment and addressing climate change.”

The environmental benefits of waste to energy, as an alternative to disposing of waste in landfills, are clear and compelling: this advanced technology reduces greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, lowers risk of groundwater contamination associated with landfills, and conserves valuable land. At the same time, waste to energy generates clean, reliable energy from a renewable fuel source, thus reducing dependence on fossil fuels, the combustion of which is a major contributor to GHG emissions.

YS Shashidhar, Managing Director—Middle East and North Africa, Frost & Sullivan, said, “Waste to energy contributes to only one per cent of the overall electricity generation in India. The Indian market is endowed with growth drivers such as growing energy needs, humongous volumes of solid waste, space crunch for land filling, and carbon emission reduction credits that would enable growth of the solid waste to energy market at a CAGR of nine to 12 per cent in the next three years. JITF Urban Infrastructure Ltd’s success in bagging India’s largest waste to energy project, against a slew of reputed competitors, suggests its level of preparedness in providing optimal and sustainable solutions.”

The infrastructure arm of Jindal SAW, Jindal ITF is a part of the $12 billion OP Jindal Group, the 4th largest business house in India, with established leadership positions in steel, mining, power, energy, infrastructure, water, wastewater, solid waste management and waste to energy. Jindal ITF continues to add economic and social value to the economy and is making rapid strides with its ventures in portable water, wastewater, industrial water management services, waterborne transportation, Municipal Solid Waste to energy management and rail infrastructure.

JITF Urban Infrastructure Ltd was set up with the key objective of addressing the urban waste management problem. It is all set to be one of the largest-of-its-kind operational in South Asia. Within two years of operations, the company has been recognised for its efforts and won accolades.

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