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Local Insight, Global Vision

Local Insight, Global Vision

Cisco helps to shape the country´s Digital Vision with products conceptualised and designed in India that enable the Internet of Everything.

The Internet of Everything (IoE) brings together people, process, data, and things to make networked connections more relevant and valuable. This concept holds great relevance for India, which is on the cusp of a digital revolution. The foundation for a Digital India will be intelligent networks which will transform the delivery of citizen services from transportation, utilities and security to entertainment, education, and healthcare.

Cisco has showcased three new products conceptualized, architected and designed out of India that will help enable the vision of a digitized nation.

According to the Cisco Visual Networking Index´, 2013-2018, there will be 526 million total Internet users and 1.5 billion networked devices in India by 2018. Mobile data traffic in India will grow 24-fold from 2013 to 2018, a compounded annual growth rate of 88 per cent.

The three products from the Cisco India Development Centre will create products and solutions for the next generation of communications technologies.

Says Amit Phadnis, President, Engineering and India Site Leader, Cisco Systems, ´In India, an average of 5 million people join the Internet every month. More than ever before, the Internet of Everything can play an integral role in driving growth, innovation, and productivity in industries such as healthcare, retail, ecommerce and education.´

Phadnis adds that the innovative application of technology can have a positive impact on India´s competitiveness, diversification of its industry base, its ability to create jobs and improve quality of life for its citizens.

´Helping people connect and collaborate is not just core to our business, it´s what makes us want to create and innovate everyday. We are thrilled that the three products we have announced are made from India, made for India and will help enable a Digital India,´ he says.

Pursuing its Digital India dream, Cisco is now in the process of tying up with other service providers in different domains.

Cisco and IL&FS Technologies Ltd (ITL) have announced a strategic collaboration to utilise the Internet of Everything (IoE) to develop digital solutions for India´s infrastructure and smart cities.

The collaboration will enable the delivery of cost-effective and efficient citizen services to urban and rural communities. Both companies will focus on developing IoE-based digital solutions for smart cities, smart villages and the infrastructure sector. The joint digital solutions will use intelligent networks to transform the way cities and communities are designed, built and renewed as well as enable digitally empowered citizens through the availability of government services in real time, online and on mobile platforms. Cisco and ITL will embrace IoE strategies in existing solutions and radical new solutions to digitise the infrastructure sector, smart cities and smart villages in India.

Says Dinesh Malkani, President, Sales, Cisco India and SAARC, ´Today, only 1 per cent of all the things that surround us are connected to the network. In India every day an average of 275,000 devices will be connected to the network. Our vision of the Internet of Everything is that we will live in a world where everything-and everyone-can be connected to everything else.´ The collaboration will enable a digitised economy-translating into safer streets, smarter homes and healthier and better-educated citizens. ´The Internet of Everything will change how we work by delivering more information, better decisions and increased economic value,´ adds Malkani.

Cisco´s vision of IoE is the intelligent connection of people, processes, data, and things. It will revolutionise the way our cities operate, creating a more dynamic digital economy and also bringing new, richer experiences to citizens. Durga Prasad, CEO, ITL, says, ´In a digital India, there will be a transformation in the delivery of citizen services. Our collaboration with Cisco will bring the power of the Internet of Everything to greenfield and brownfield cities, communities and rural communities in India. Together we can enable digital solutions for the most essential citizen services such as healthcare and education.´

Cisco´s India Focus
Cisco spends $5.9 billion annually on R&D worldwide. It has filed 830 patents from India and 500 patents have been issued for innovations across all technologies. The ASR 920-O, ISR 800M and MDS 9250i are the latest in a line of industry award-winning products and solutions from India. The three products continue Cisco´s tradition of ´reverse innovation´ where engineers in India design products to address the requirements of emerging countries like India but end up developing products that are globally attractive and competitive.

The ASR 920-O, ISR 800M and MDS 9250i represent how Cisco India´s innovation engine can enable the digitisation of a country and empower companies to be more innovative, agile and efficient.

As more devices capture more data, interact with more people and change the processes by which we live, learn, work and play, the Internet of Everything will have a profound impact on India. Cisco is leading the way in India to deliver the benefits of virtualisation, management and software-defined networking-based advances by enabling the government and businesses to deliver voice, video, data, and mobility services for citizens and customers.

The Grand Plan
The Digital India program of the government is focused on the digital empowerment of citizens, where infrastructure would be offered as a utility to every citizen, governance and services would be on demand, and citizens would be digitally empowered. The program aims to enable broadband in villages, universal phone connectivity, public Internet access points, public Wi-Fi in schools and universities, digital inclusion, electronic delivery of governance and services, and job creation. According to the Cisco Visual Networking Index´, 2013 – 2018, in India by 2018 there will be 1.5 billion networked devices, including 515 million smartphones, 177.1 million connected TVs and 62.1 million tablets. The Internet of Everything collaboration between Cisco and ITL will help the infrastructure sector and smart cities take advantage of the tidal wave of data generated in India and derive more value and greater insights from their existing networks. According to Cisco, the Internet of Everything total value at stake in India is $511 billion over the next 10 years, out of which the public sector value at stake is $116 billion, which includes creating smart cities and citizen services such as health and education.

Some of the solutions that will be jointly developed will focus on urban services and smart city infrastructure solutions such as traffic and transportation, public safety and security, command and control services, e-governance and a broader set of next generation urban services such as parking, lighting, traffic and citizen engagement services built on top of Cisco´s City Infrastructure Management.

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