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Mobilhybrid For Power Generators

Mobilhybrid For Power Generators

PV4Life GmbH offer New MobilHybrid for Power Generators that saves up to 50% diesel and reduces maintenance costs up to 60%. The MobileHybrid is switched between diesel generator and consumers. The MobilHybrid supplies loads with power and controls the power generator when the internal batteries of the MobilHybrid are recharged via its start/stop function. The power of the MobilHybrid and the diesel generator is added by the Power Boost function so that the diesel generator can be smaller and more efficient. It can optionally be supplemented by 8 kWp solar panels with connectable module output to save further on diesel. The MobilHybrid is available in 3 sizes and 6 power levels to cover all mobile power needs. Salient features: diesel savings of up to 50%; operating cost savings 60%; payback periods less 2 years in part load operation; smaller power generator power with power boost feature; less noise emissions; 30% lower CO2 emissions; dimensions of a euro pallet; and optional energy supply by photovoltaic; Three times overload capacity and UPS functionality in short Mobil hybrid is the product which provide Renewables and reliable power at affordable prices. MobilHybrid is German company having subsidiary in India

Application of MobilHybrid: Construction, Mining, Defence, Telecom, Renewable Energy Integrations, Fire Fighting. Oil and Gas Explorations, Events, Mini- grid and Island Grid, Rural Electrification, food processing, data centres etc.

For further information contact:
PV4Life GmbH
Albstraße 7, 72581 Dettingen a.d. Germany
www.mobilhybrid.eu, www.mobilhybrid.de
Tel:  (0) 176 56911835 (0) 176 56911835, (0) 176 56911835.
Mobile: 098675-56726, 075069-41180. (India)
Email: info@mobilhybrid.co.in

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