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New partnership to excel

New partnership to excel

Everest Group announced its partnership with LOT Vacuum Corporation, Korea for high energy efficiency dry vacuum pumps for solar PV, semi¡conductor, flat panel display, and industrial vacuum applications. Everest Group is the largest manufacturer of positive displacement blowers (roots blowers), mechanical vacuum boosters, and industrial vacuum systems in South Asia. The company was established in 1980 and has always been a pioneer in its segment.

LOT Vacuum Co was established in 2002 and has been demonstrating leadership in the global vacuum industry through its innovation and new technology development. LOT Vacuum is a recipient of many prestigious awards such as Korean Semiconductor Technology award, Korean New Technology Practical Appl¡cation Award, etc, and has filed many patents for new innovative designs like first Roots-Screw comb¡nation rotor design, Roots-screw combination vacuum pump, etc. The partnership has introduced six different series of dry vacuum pumps to support the needs of Indian customers. These include the DD105, DD225, LD, HD, GD and GHD series vacuum pumps. The GD series builds upon the proven Dura-Dry dual screw design introduced by LOT Vacuum in 2002 and provides world class conservation of operating resources.

The GD series is well suited for demanding applications in flat panel display, OLED/LED, solar PV, and 450 mm semiconductor manufacturing. Both harsh duty CVD process configurations and transfer/load lock configurations are available. The GHD series provides large capacity dry pumps for industrial and large scale LCD and solar applications.


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