$30 trillion economy seems possible

Unveiling a $30T Economic Vision

Government funding has to be complemented by private sector investment. By 2018 to 2020, assets which were created in the early phase were completed and started earning revenue to become an asset class of its own. So that has again evinced interest of investors, says Padmanabhan Raja Jaishankar, Managing Director, India Infrastructure Finance Company.

What are the different types of infrastructure projects that IIFCL typically finances? Which sectors do you finance?
India Infrastructure Finance Company (IIFCL) was set up in 2006 during the process of setting up the Public Private Partnership (PPP) model. This kind of an entity was required because long-term finance was essential those days. We needed to source and supply long-term funds. That was the essential purpose with which this entity was set up. Multilateral organisations became the major source of funding for such initiatives. IIFCL’s first line of assistance was to fund infrastructure projects which were greenfield and for creation of the infrastructure facility. This majorly happened in the roads sector, followed by the power sector. It was only after the first decade of the new millennium that other sectors also started following this model. And gradually it got to other sectors as well – airports, ports and various other new sectors coming into play. So now it is more or less an order of private investments which needs to complement the public investment to set the sector going. It all depends upon the momentum that each sector has set for itself. And all the programmes and concessions that have been put in place in each of the sectors, that actually will make it happen….

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