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ONGC strikes shale gas in WB

ONGC strikes shale gas in WB

Oil and Natural Gas Corporation (ONGC) has struck shale gas reserves, thus creating an exploration landmark when gas flowed out from the Barren Measure shale at a depth of around 1,700 m, in RNSG-1 well near Durgapur at Icchapur, West Bengal. It’s the first time that shale gas is discovered in sedimentary shale gas rocks outside USA and Canada.

Although the well is still under assessment, the breakthrough is significant. The well was drilled down to a depth of 2,000 m. The Barren Measure Shale was encountered from 985-1,843 m.

The R&D project involves drilling of four wells in the Damodar Basin—two wells in the Raniganj sub-basin in West Bengal and two wells in the North Karanpura sub-basin in Jharkhand—was operationalised with the help of Schlumberger. The expenditure is estimated at Rs 168 crore and the total project is expected to be completed within 520 days.

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