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Ongoing work on Delhi road poses danger to commuters

Ongoing work on Delhi road poses danger to commuters

In Delhi, the ongoing work to reconstruct the central verge on Ekasur Vithi Road in front of Archana Complex, GK-I, has become a nightmare for commuters. With debris spilling on both sides of the road and concrete blocks piled up next to it, the two-lane road has been reduced to half its size leading to traffic jams. Similarly, the central verge on the road connecting Outer Ring Road to GK-I via Pamposh Enclave, was broken two weeks back.

The same central verge was half-constructed during Commonwealth Games and it was demolished. Public Works Department officials have no answer as to why the verge was broken when minor repairs would have sufficed.

The project of reconstructing the central verges in GK-I is worth Rs 1.8 crore. Interestingly, PWD is only reconstructing the footpath while the railing isn’t removed and no beautification of the central verge will take place. The project is to reconstruct the central verge and repair the pavements. Due to the rain on Monday, the work wasn’t carried out. The repair of pavements is complete, while the central verge work will be over in a week, sources in PWD said.

Kerb stone is piled up next to the broken verge as raw materials are kept near the site. The traffic jams aren’t because of the debris or the stones but due to the cars parked on the road, said a senior PWD official. But the officials admit that when the raw materials are piled up near the site, there is barricading.

After the transfer of the roads from municipal corporation to PWD, the repair of central verges and footpaths is to be carried out by PWD. Usually, the contractor cordon off the area as to avoid any mishap, said Deepak Panwar, PWD spokesperson.


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