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Road repairs neglected in Nagpur

Road repairs neglected in Nagpur

In Nagpur, private contractors working on 24X7 water supply project are not filling up road trenches properly nor levelling roads after laying pipelines. Road sections have caved in at many places, increasing chances of mishaps.

In fact, the 118 km stretch of road where pipelines have been laid is in a shambles. But the private firm – Orange City Water – which is laying the pipelines and carrying out 24X7 water supply project is not serious about restoring the road to motorable condition, said outgoing standing committee Chairman of the Nagpur Municipal Corporation Dayashankar Tiwari.

This negligent attitude of the private firm is also affecting road repair works being undertaken by Nagpur Municipal Corporation, he said. As a result, motorists from across the city are facing hardships. Concreting on major portion of the 118 km stretch has not been done till date. Even though OCW has to repair the roads as per contract, it has failed to do so, he said.


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