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Signature Bridge

After being put on the backburner for some time, the Signature Bridge will come up over Yamuna river. Now a Chinese company, Jiangsu Steel Structure, a sub-contractor of Gammon-Construtora- Tensacciai JV, has been given the task of fabricating the 15,000 tonne steel pylon and deck girders. The pylon will be brought to India in pieces and the firm will be responsible for assembling and erection the pylon and deck at site.

Special grade steel, also sourced from China, will be used to construct the pylon. The main pillar will have 18 cables on the western side and four back-stay cables on the eastern side. A beacon will be placed at the top of the pylon and will be visible to 50 per cent of Delhiites at night. The main pylon of the bridge boasts a unique bow-shaped, inclined design that will leave a lasting impression. The bridge will connect NH-1 on the western bank of the Yamuna to Wazirabad Road on its eastern bank. The bridge will have two subways, footpaths and cycle track. For the first time, a bridge in India will have a comprehensive system to monitor all parameters that can affect the bridge.

The first phase of the Signature Bridge in its new avatar is expected to be opened end of this year, as per the information shared by Delhi chief minister. The 3D model of the bridge and detailing of each steel structure was done using Tekla Structure technology and Tekla India technical team constantly work with different project players to make this happen, said Nirmalya Chatterjee , Area Manager (Delhi) Tekla India.


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