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Smart Cities Council India to launch Readiness guide on Smart Cities

Smart Cities Council India to launch Readiness guide on Smart Cities

In order to help the urban planners to carry forward the Smart Cities initiative, the Smart Cities Council India will launch Smart City Readiness Guide for India with 100 case studies in September 2015, it would be a vendor neutral framework for smart cities.

Talking about the initiative Pratap Padode, President of the Foundation of Infrastructure Research Studies Training (FIRST) and the SCC India founder said," One of the first objectives of SCC India will be to recruit Indian smart cities experts to develop a unique readiness guide for India that will show how Indian cities can use smart technologies to accommodate large-scale growth and economic development.”

“The readiness guide, developed by Indian smart cities experts would be using local case studies, will enable city leaders and urban planners to understand the comprehensive framework of a smart city and take actionable steps toward major city infrastructure improvements,” he added.

The Smart Cities Readiness Guide for India will be based on the globally acclaimed Smart Cities Readiness Guide that the Council first released in 2013 and updated in July 2014, which has 27 core principles for building smart cities and a bank of 5000 case studies of Smart Cities across the world. The guide would be a single point of reference to gain knowledge and resources the 400 page guide will have 100 best case studies in terms of smart practices from various Indian cities across private and government initiative.

SCC India expects to catapult Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s 100 Smart City initiatives onto the global stage, so the readiness guide would be released in Washington in September were the Smart Cities Week will be held. Padode said that the SCCI would not tie up with either the Centre or State governments for smart city developments, but individual members of the Council would be free to do so.

Smart Cities Council, is the worldÂ’s premier consortium of smart city practitioners they have 100 plus members and over 140 countries and the consortium has an industry coalition to advance smart city development and innovation. After the readiness guide SCC India would be coming up with a finance guide for municipal corporations, which would provide solutions and help in enhance the use of municipal bonds.

The India chapter of the Council is soliciting partnerships with Indian universities and companies like- Alstom, Bechtel, Cisco, IBM and Microsoft among them.

Elucidating the benefits of Smart Cities Padode stated that such cities can see 20-30 per cent drop in crime, 20 per cent dip in congestion, 20-40 per cent more water, smart buildings 10-30 per cent drop in energy use, and 10-40 per cent reduction in outages.

Smart cities are one of the ambitious projects of the NDA government, which will give infrastructure development a big push. Out of the 100 Smart Cities the government is said to name first 20 cities, which would be made by 2015.


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