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Sterling generators provide one-stop solution for mining applications

Sterling generators provide one-stop solution for mining applications

Having the colossal capability of engineering, manufacturing, project execution and servicing a complete diesel generator-based power generation plant, Sterling Generators is the one-stop power solution provider. Its availability, competence and a knack to customise in the industries of metal, steel, mining, power plants, chemicals, automobiles, pharmaceuticals and more, make Sterling Generators the most preferred while making a choice.

Whether it is coal, gas, iron ore, or precious metals, mining is a very important part of the industrial value chain and contributes a lot to the countryÂ’s economy.  All such mines are located in remote locations and have hard atmospheric conditions. The mining process uses lots of specialised equipment and machinery  like large drills, shovels, winders, shafts, boring & excavating machinery, etc., and all of these need highly reliable electrical power for operation. Power interruptions can lead to huge revenue loss and also risk human lives working on such machines and mines. Hence a properly engineered and designed DG system is required for such applications. Sterling Generators conducts complete study of such conditions and then provides solutions. A rugged design DG powered by a high load handling capacity engine, properly ventilated and supported for fuel and cooling systems, makes it an ideal choice for such applications and installations. Sterling generators also offer operational and maintenance contracts of such solutions for these kinds of remote location installations.

Speaking on the customised power solution DG manufactured by Sterling Generators, Sanjay Jadhav, President of Sterling and Wilson Powergen Pvt Ltd said, “Today, the use of generators is a very important element in the mining industry. Sterling DG sets provide best customised DG sets that withstand harsh atmospheric conditions and provide flexibility, thus making us a one-stop power solution provider in the industry.”

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