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Tata Hitachi | Leveraging tech to build strong products and stronger relationships

Tata Hitachi | Leveraging tech to build strong products and stronger relationships

Tata Hitachi Construction Machinery Co Pvt. Ltd has been focused on developing global products to suit Indian working conditions. The organisation´s product lineup includes a wide range of excavators: from 2T – 800T Excavators, 35T to 290T Rigid dump trucks, Wheel Loaders, Backhoe Loaders, and Motor Graders etc.

Tata Hitachi prioritises outreach to customers through a strong distribution network that aids in the servicing and selling of products, providing round-the-clock services to the customers on site, by deploying highly skilled and trained service teams supported by parts warehouses to ensure uptimes of equipment.

In addition to this, the organization has introduced Consite – an IT-enabled tool through which machine reports are transmitted to the customers´ mail ID : helping them make their operations smart & efficient.

The AC drive trucks manufactured by HCM are fitted with proven Hitachi Motors, IGBT technology, and have features like Arial Angle, trolley assist, etc which make these trucks outperform all others in its class. HCM offers the fleet management system ´WENCO´to make the utilization of the equipment´s effective and efficient thereby making the mining operations more productive.

Speaking at the Tata Hitachi pavilion, Sandeep Singh, Managing Director, Tata Hitachi said, ´At IMME, we are demonstrating our unmatched strength in mining by showcasing our hydraulic excavators: EX1200V, ZX870H, ZX650, ZX470H (Backhoe), ZX470H (Shovel) & the Wheel Loader ZW220. We are also launching our ZAXIS470 Shovel variant. Along with this, our support pavilion showcases CONSITE, the Training Simulator , the FMC Pavilion, the WENCO demonstration, attachments (Rock Breaker), spares support counter and the new Hitachi GET´s designed and developed by Hitachi for the Ultra Large Class of excavators.´

Tata Hitachi has been a pioneer in training operators to improve their skill sets in the mining equipment Industry. Though the upgrading of technology has improved efficiency of equipment, it has been found that many a times the operator needs to be trained to update his skills to optimise machine usage. To address this requirement, Tata Hitachi has set up Skill Development Centers and Operator Training Schools at Kharagpur and Dharwad where hands-on training is provided for new recruits and refresher courses for the factory and service personnel to help them sharpen their skill sets and keep them abreast of the latest technologies.

For any further details, please visit our website www.tatahitachi.co.in

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