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The Right Investment

India is in the news for ‘change’. From the days of slow economy to rapid change in economic reforms and a growth story rewritten, the nation is making waves in the global arena. India is one of the largest producers of minerals in the world, which largely contributes towards meeting the global demand. There is also a tremendous potential for development in the mining and construction sector locally with rapid growth in cities and industrialisation. Some of the recent major Government initiatives-such as development of 98 smart cities-are expected to provide a major boost to the core sectors. With such positive developments and aided by suitable Government foreign policies, several international players have invested in the country in the recent past in large resource of minerals, viz, coal, iron ore, limestone, etc.
<p> <span style="font-weight: bold;">Eicher Series</span><br />
The Eicher Pro 8000 Series of mining tippers have emerged as a premium offering in the emerging value truck segment powered by the new generation VEDX8 7.7 Litre common rail diesel engine for unmatched fuel efficiency, long life and superior performance in its class. The Eicher Pro 8000 series of mining tipper has crossed 10,000 engine hours in just 17 months, proving the record of reliability and efficiency and productivity. The Eicher Pro 8031XM is designed to deliver high performance in mines through its next-generation VEDX8 engine based on Volvo group technology. Powered to deliver a staggering 330 HP, the engine offers power-on-demand to deliver better pick-up, superior gradability, and uptime and maximum productivity required for rough mining operations. </p>
<p>The Eicher Pro 6000 series of mining trucks introduced over a year ago are ideally suited for various applications – an innovative and versatile solution that meets the expectations of the industry. Built with a philosophy of delivering -Maximum Lifetime Profitability’ and powered by state-of-the-art 220 HP VEDX8 7.7 litre engine, Eicher Pro 6025T provides best-in-class fuel efficiency, productivity and superior uptime. Our innovative approach offers technology, products and services that deliver extra performance, uptime, productivity and fuel efficiency.</p>
<p> <span style="font-weight: bold;">Aftersales service</span><br />
At Eicher, service support is looked into constantly and redefined to meet the specific needs. The mining truck network has now crossed the benchmark of 180 touch points in India, which includes 24 dealerships, 21 site support and 135 technicians manned sites. That makes it the largest service network in high performance commercial vehicles in India, so that customers get the maximum productivity from their fleet. Driver training is offered as an additional step to get the best out of the trucks. The wide range of Eicher trucks for mining transportation makes it the preferred choice for small, medium and large fleet operators, since we deliver premium experience at value.</p>


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