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Towards a Safer Future

Towards a Safer Future

JSPL is dedicated to transform the dream of safe and high speed trains into reality
Covering 65,000 kilometres, carrying 25 million passengers and over 2.8 million tonne of freight daily, Indian Railways is the important means of transport in India today. It is the third largest railway network in the world and has a demand of approximately 10,000-15,000 km of tracks every year. JSPL endeavours to strengthen India´s industrial base by aiding infrastructural development through sustainable approaches and inclusive growth. The company deploys its resources to revolutionise and improve infrastructure with a state-of-the art 121 m long rail making facility.

JSPL´s Rail and Universal Beam Mill
JSPL has set up a state-of-the-art Rail and Universal Beam Mill to produce superior quality, world´s longest 121m long, finished rails for the first time in India. It is producing class-A rails in length upto 121m as per IRS-T-12-2009 being inspected by RITES. Adopting state-of the-art technology, JSPL is geared to provide international quality standards of rail steel. JSPL has an integrated flash butt welding plant to produce long welded rails in panels upto 484 m length. Rails produced by JSPL come with unmatched internal material soundness and dimensional compliance. These ´A´ class long rails are all set to make the introduction of high speed trains a reality in India. The availability of 121 meter long rails ensures a reduction of weld population per km in rail tracks, resulting in better riding comfort, enhanced safety and cost optimization. In fact, JSPL has already entered the Metro business along with other customers like L&T, BHEL, etc and is also supplying to international freight corridors.

  • Minimizes costs, construction time, handling and improves safety due to reduced number of welds and hence lower welding costs.
  • Reduced number of potential defects/ failure points and lesser chances of failure
  • Faster laying and project completion time
  • Enhanced travel comfort due to lesser rail joints
  • Rails in length of 121 meters and further delivered in welded panels´ upto 484 m length has become an established norm in the developed regions viz. Europe, Japan, South Korea etc.
  • Handling operations at plant and site executed with special systems and equipment to guarantee maximum product integrity.
  • Specialized system for flash butt welding into LWRP of upto 484 m in length.
  • Synchronised monorail hoist system for handling and loading of LWRP.
  • No drilling in the rails for loading and unloading.
  • High security against tilting of trains.
  • Deforming strain under admissible limits during handling & transportation
  • Increased Rail Life

State-of-the-art process for Long Rails
JSPL has installed an integrated flash butt welding plant to produce long welded rails upto 484 meter using rolled rails which are 121 m long, thereby considerably reducing the number of welds contributing to overall safety of the track by reducing number of joints.

The welding plant by Railtech SCHLATTER-France comprises state-of-the art automatic brushing, automatic welding machine, post straightening and finish grinding followed by on-line ultrasonic testing of welded joints. Welding parameters of Rails complies with requirement of RDSO Flash Butt Welding Manual. JSPL has also invested in setting up a synchronized Crane Hoists system for handling and loading of long Rails into specially designed rakes meant for carrying 260meter panels. Rail handling through synchronized Crane Hoists are capable of handling long rails upto 484 meters. As JSPL contributes to India´s growth, it has also set in place a global expansion plan in order to become one of the most prestigious and dynamic business groups of the country.

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