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In the last year, several province-level delegations have visited India and explored opportunities in infrastructure and other domains. On 11-12 November, C-IBC's Canada-India Business Forum in Mumbai hopes to attract investors to Indian infrastructure, services and natural resources.

Closer home to Canadian investors, New York-based ASPIRE International Group and Infrastructure Today will hold an India Opportunity conference in Toronto on 11 May next year to introduce the new opportunities and emerging sectors in Indian infrastructure.

Canadian investment in India is hardly new. The centuries-old ties between the nations is poised to take yet another leap forward. Some government-level agreements between the two countries just in the last two years include the Chennai-Halifax partnership, as well as agreements on Energy / Power, Nuclear Power and Mining.

More under negotiations include Bilateral Investment Promotion and Protection Agreement, Comprehensive Economic Partnership Agreement, and Cooperation in Surface Transportation.

While basic literature and some exposure is available to Canadian investors, the following pages provide a more qualitative and both a bird's-eye and worm's-eye view of the infra-landscape for them.


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