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DMRC to adopt IOT for its Phase-IV project

DMRC to adopt IOT for its Phase-IV project

The Delhi Metro Rail Corporation is popular for introducing the best global practices in construction site management to the national capital as well as the rest of the country.

For the ongoing Phase-IV project, it is, for the very first time DMRC is utilising the “Internet of Things” (IOT), which is a web of construction plants and machinery interconnected by the internet via devices like sensors, GPS, data loggers, QR codes, CCTV, drone cameras, and so on.

When DMRC commenced the work about two-and-a-half decades ago, the construction sites were hidden behind barricades and the work was a novelty for the Delhi population. The standards that have been set by DMRC are the norm now. For the construction of the DMRC Phase-IV project, it has decided to go many steps ahead.

An official said that besides the efficiency and on-time completion of the construction works, the aim of the adoption of IOT in this phase of the project was the safety of workers and DMRC employees, and motorists who have traveled alongside the construction sites.

All the cranes that are being used at this construction site have “Data Loggers”, compact, battery-powered devices equipped with sensors, microprocessors, and data storage. The DMRC uses data loggers in cranes which come with an alert facility via SMS and web.

The CCTV cameras and Pan-Tilt-Zoom cameras used at all construction sites have at least one week of backup.

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