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Govt made over 1 mn direct cash transfers for LPG

Govt made over 1 mn direct cash transfers for LPG

According to an official statement, the central government has made over 1 million (10 lakh) direct cash transfers to consumers’ bank accounts under its Direct Benefit Transfer for LPG (DBTL) scheme, launched in 18 districts on June 1.

The government has so far given Rs 41 crore of subsidy to consumers directly under the above scheme since June 1, the statement shows.

Government adopted direct cash transfer to curb leakages and prevent black- marketing and provide subsidy to consumers in their bank accounts.

The DBTL scheme was launched in 18 high Aadhaar coverage districts benefitting 67 lakh consumers.
In these 18 districts the subsidy on LPG cylinders is being provided directly to consumers in their Aadhaar linked bank accounts, the statement said.

Under the scheme launched on June 1, LPG consumers get Rs 435 in their bank accounts when they book an LPG cylinder. They are then expected to use this cash subsidy to buy a LPG refill at market price which is roughly the double of Rs 410 per 14.2-kg subsidised rate in Delhi.

The scheme was to be rolled out in 20 districts initially but the launch in Mysore in Karnataka and Mandi in Himachal Pradesh has been put off by a month owing to assembly and Parliamentary bypolls there, reports indicate.

The scheme would be extended to rest of the country before the end of the year but wants to see results in the 20 districts first. The districts selected have high Aadhaar or unique identification number penetration.

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