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Bids on solar thermal hybrids

Bids on solar thermal hybrids

The Central government plans to invite global bids for setting up power plants that would use a mix of solar and fossil fuels by mid-next year. Deepak Gupta, Secretary for New and Renewable Energy said that they propose a demonstration of solar thermal hybrid and storage plants and would hopefully be in a position to go for global bids by mid-next year. A group of representatives from different states has been set up to finalise the configurations for the proposal. The configurations for setting up such plants are yet to be decided. The group will come out with its recommendations in the next six months. Once the details are finalised, global bids will be invited.

The government has set a target of 20,000 MW capacity of solar power by 2022. They are augmenting solar radiation resource assessment in the country. C-WET has been assigned the task of solar radiation monitoring. Gupta said that they hope to set up 50 ground monitoring stations in co-operation with states.


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