The Border Roads Organisation (BRO) constructed the world’s highest motorable road at 19,300 feet at Umlingla Pass in Eastern Ladakh.
The altitude of this road is higher than the Mount Everest base camps. The south base camp is situated at an altitude of 17,598 feet in Nepal, while the north base camp is at 16,900 feet in Tibet.
BRO has constructed a tarmac road of length 52 km through Umlingla Pass, surpassing the previous record held by Bolivia connecting to its volcano Uturuncu at 18,953 ft. Most large commercial aircraft fly at 30,000 feet and above, so this road is at an altitude over half of that, to put this altitude in a different perspective.
The motorable road through Umlingla Pass in Ladakh joins the major towns in the Chumar sector of Eastern Ladakh. It will improve the socio-economic condition and boost tourism in Ladakh.