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Delhi Metro gets UN certification

Delhi Metro gets UN certification

Delhi Metro has been certified by the United Nations (UN) as the first metro rail-based system in the world to get carbon credits for con­tributing to the fight against climate change by help redu­cing pollution levels in the city by 6.3 lakh tonne every year.

The organisation has also earned carbon credits worth Rs 47 crore annually for the next seven years. With nearly 20 lakh people taking the new age transport system every day, the Metro has helped reduce poll­ution and emission of green house gases as it is a completely non-polluting and environ­ment frie­ndly system. Delhi Metro has helped remove more than 91,000 vehicles from the roads of Delhi daily.

Meanwhile, a study com­missioned by Delhi Metro Rail Corporation (DMRC) says Phase III of the network will take over one lakh vehicles off Delhi's roads. Also, the start of the third phase in 2016 will also save fuel worth Rs 305.8 crore as well as cut down ave­rage passenger time by a sub­stantial 32.51 minute. The project has already been given the green signal by the government.


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