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Gainwell Engineering collaborates with WCA for sustainable coal mining

Gainwell Engineering collaborates with WCA for sustainable coal mining

Gainwell Engineering, a manufacturing subsidiary of Gainwell Commosales Private Limited (previously Tractors India Private Limited), has teamed up with the World Coal Association to promote environmentally friendly coal mining in India.

Gainwell is now just the second Indian organisation to collaborate with the World Coal Association.

According to the Economic Survey 2021-22, coal demand in India is likely to reach 1.3-1.5 billion tonnes by 2030, up 63% from current levels.

The cooperation also aims to reduce India’s reliance on imported coal mining equipment by manufacturing cutting-edge equipment domestically to supplement domestic coal output sustainably.

It would also assist India in lowering its coal import expense and ensuring its energy security.

Gainwell Engineering has ventured into coal mining equipment manufacturing and is setting up a plant in Panagarh, West Bengal. Gainwell Commosales has a rich history of supporting infrastructural progress in India for nearly eight decades and is a proud partner of Caterpillar Construction, Mining, and Power Solutions in India.

Gainwell Engineering, with a mindset of supporting India’s actual infrastructural progress, intends to stop India’s reliance on foreign underground mining equipment and leave a sustainable influence on the environment via the use of clean technology.

Mr Sunil Chaturvedi, Chairman, of Gainwell Engineering, told the media that while concerns about climate change and air pollution have highlighted the need to pursue a more sustainable path forward, no discussion of global climate change can ignore India, and no discussion of India’s energy future can ignore coal.

Under the current climate change scenario, the World Coal Association (WCA) adopts Responsible Coal Principles, based on the principles of the Paris Agreement and the UN Sustainable Development Goals. Gainwell Engineering’s participation in WCA strengthens India’s coal leadership.

A new reality has emerged as a result of a convergence of recent global energy events, bringing supply security and affordability back into focus.

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