InvIT: A preferred vehicle crosses AUM of Rs 4 trillion

InVIT to be a mainstay to achieve National Infrastructure Pipeline

The Government has aimed to monetise assets of more than  Rs 6 trillion as per National Infrastructure Pipeline (NIP). InVIT (Infrastructure Investment Trust) will be a mainstay to achieve National Infrastructure Pipeline (NIP) targets for various government departments, explains Vijay Agrawal, Director, Equirus Capital Pvt Ltd.

India wishes to become a $ 5 trillion economy in the next 3 to 5 years. This goal is achievable given the vibrancy in the Indian economy. The growth will be supported by better infrastructure including roads, airports, ports, urban centres, industrial parks, multimodal logistics etc. The Government of India has committed to invest more than Rs 100 trillion in the next five years to upgrade infrastructure. New greenfield expressways have been planned for faster movement of goods and passengers. New highways have been planned for interconnectivity and reduction in distance. Overall this will result in reduced time for movement between two destinations. The port connectivity has been improved for faster evacuation of goods from ports. 

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