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MPT complains about GSPCB

MPT complains about GSPCB

P Mara Pandiyan, Chairman of Mormugao Port Trust (MPT) complained that the Goa state pollution control board (GSPCB) stopped coal operation at the port in the absence of baseline data on its impact on pollution level in the atmosphere.

The board declined to give its ‘consent to operate’ for handling coal and coke at berth no 10 and 11 in the port.

In a letter to Chief Secretary B Vijayan, Pandiyan said that the board would study technically and scientifically to find the baseline data on particulate matter once the entire coal and coke is evacuated. Thus, he raised the question as to why the board took the decision without having data.

The events narrated above clearly show the high-handedness of the GSPCB and scant regard for rules and regulations, he said in the letter.

Therefore, Pandian asked the Vijayan to enquire the functioning of GSPCB and take appropriate action in this regard.

Under the pretext of coal pollution, the GSPCB stopped coal operations at berth No.11. After stopping the coal operations, we have represented to GSPCB about reduction in coal pollution owing to effective measures taken by the MPT, the letter stated.


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