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Rajasthan to have 13 new industrial areas

Rajasthan to have 13 new industrial areas

To boost the industrial infrastructure in the state, the Rajasthan State Industrial Development and
Investment Corporation (RIICO) will build roughly 13 new industrial parks along the Mehsana-
Bathinda gas pipeline route.

Furnace-based companies, which need affordable fuel for manufacturing, will be concentrated in
these areas. The furnaces, ovens, boilers, turbines, and heaters will all be fueled by the gas pipeline.
The Gujarat State Petronet Limited erected the 1,650-kilometer gas pipeline with permission from
the Petroleum and Natural Gas Regulatory Board (PNGRB), of which 1,334 kilometres run through
Rajasthan. According to a statement by Veenu Gupta, Additional Principal Secretary, Industries and
Commerce Department, the gas pipeline has lately been charged with natural gas.

She claimed that the state is working very hard to improve the gas system in Rajasthan in order to
promote green energy and lower operating costs for businesses.

The second-largest natural gas producing state in India is Rajasthan.

The Mehsana-Bhatinda gas pipeline, according to RIICO’s managing director Shivprasad Nakate, will
benefit businesses in the state’s ceramic, glass, metal casting, textile, cement, automotive, fertiliser,
refinery, and steel industries, among others.

In addition to creating new job opportunities in the state, the current and upcoming industrial
sectors by the RIICO, near to the Mehsana-Bhatinda gas pipeline, would also increase the state’s
revenue, assisting in its overall development, according to Nakate.

Six industrial developments are envisaged within a 5-kilometre radius of the gas pipeline at
Udwariya, Pipela Rohida (Abu Road), Bevanja Extension (Ajmer), Renwal (Jaipur North), Bichon
(Jaipur Rural), and Malsisar (Jhunjhunu).

RICO is also investigating the potential for establishing an industrial zone in Srinagar (Sawai
Madhopur) within a 10-kilometer safety zone from the pipeline.

The construction of six industrial sectors at Kalesara, Masuda (Ajmer), Kankani (Boranada), Manda
Phase-4 Extension (Jaipur North), Bittan (Jaipur Rural), and Padarli-Sindran-Rani is being evaluated
by RICO as a 25-km buffer zone of the pipeline (Pali).

The 63 RIICO industrial zones close to the gas pipeline are already operational and are located in Abu
Road, Ajmer, Churu, Jaipur, Jhunjhunu, Pali, Rajsamand, Sikar, and Sriganganagar. As a result, the
industrial units running in these current industrial regions around the state will reap significant