Ajith Menon, CEO & MD, BIMAGE: BIM will be a game-changer

BIM and GIS will be a game-changer in planning, designing, and executing the smart city projects.

In the next three decades, the number of people living in cities will double, and this growth will require the construction of thousands of new buildings, roads, and other infrastructures. BIM fits perfectly in Smart City projects and will be a game-changer in planning, designing, and executing smart city projects. BIM gives a digital representation of all aspects of infrastructure and helps construction companies in cutting down on waste and delays by identifying potential challenges before execution in the project. It gives advanced insight into designing buildings and infrastructure. The awareness is already picking up and we see adoption levels also happening across industries. The heavy investments as announced by the government in infrastructure to revitalise the economy will further boost BIM implementation in the country. However, there remain challenges. The potential benefits of the technologies may seem evident, but the industry adoption rate of BIM varies. The adoption level is in the medium and small-scale project is low. It is thus recommended that Government, academia, technology providers, and BIM associations must play positive roles at the early stages of BIM adoption in medium and small-scale projects.

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