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Bid docs revamped to revive PPP

Bid docs revamped to revive PPP

In a bid to revive big-ticket PPP projects in Marhora and Madhepura, the Indian Railways (IR) has reworked the bidding documents to make them more viable for business. The price variation clause for supplies of locomotives on yearly basis and transfer of technology clause for maintenance are being re-worked. The price variation clause describes the price from year to year for a long-term contract.This clause was earlier loaded in favour of intending bidders which will now be made more equitable and designed to be fair to both sides. The transfer of technology clause covers the know how of locos, so that even after the contract with the concessionaire is over, railways can maintain these locos on its own. Out of the four proposed maintenance sheds, railways may decide to keep one for itself.

The Railways has fixed the date of opening of the price bidding on 10 May for Marhora diesel locomotive plant and 11 May for Madhepura electric locomotive plant in Bihar.


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