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Cargo volume rises in Halifax port

Cargo volume rises in Halifax port

Data released by the Halifax Port Authority (HPA) in Canada shows general cargo volume rose 0.5 per cent during the quarter ending June 30, 2013.

It shows volume of bulk cargo, such as oil and grains, declined 11.5 per cent when compared to the same period last year.

Total cargo tonnage in the second quarter rose 0.6 per cent to 2,194,260 metric tonne from the same period last year. But containerized cargo volume rose 9.7 per cent from the same quarter last year, with 111,712 20-foot-equivalent container units either being imported or exported through the port.
Exports, in particular, rose 13.8 per cent, much of that destined for China.

The port received 35,330 cruise passengers in the second quarter and this is a 23.6 per cent increase from last season. Overall, 22 cruise vessels docked in Halifax, a sizable increase from the 16 that called on the port in 2012.

During the 2013 cruise season, the port expects 133 ships, carrying approximately 240,000 passengers, to arrive.

Overall, cargo tonnage is up 7.4 per cent year-to-date and the port expects this trend to continue.


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