Cost cutting with multilevel warehouses

They are more economical both in their initial and recurring costs

“Back when we designed our first warehouse in Bommasandra, Bengaluru,” says Architect Virendra K Girdhar, Virendra K Girdhar, Founder, Virendra K Girdhar Consulting Architects “We considered the present and the potential price of that land and the emerging uses of land in the vicinity. The high market value of the land did not justify building a single level pre-engineered building that would require vehicles to be parked on the roads. So, we built a multilevel structure with basement parking, three floors for warehousing and three floors for offices and commercial space. This reduced the price of land per square foot to 1/6th of what it would have been if it were a single level warehouse. Multilevel warehouses are more economical both in their initial and recurring costs. The cost of maintenance, security and the time needed for the internal movement of men and materials is significantly lower than in spread out, single level warehouses.”

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