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Garware Wall Ropes conferred R&D award

Garware Wall Ropes conferred R&D award

Garware-Wall Ropes Ltd (GWRL), one of India´s leading players in the technical textiles sector and a pioneer in geo-synthetics, has been honoured with the prestigious Institutional Award for R&D Works by Central Board of Irrigation & Power (CBIP) for its unmatched contribution to the geo-synthetics sector.

The company is set to receive the award at an international seminar – ´Geosynthetics – The Road Ahead´
to be held at New Delhi. GWRL has developed and commercialised more than 20 products and solutions in the geo-synthetic segment and has successfully undertaken more than 150 projects for clients across diverse segments in the industry. It counts among its clients entities such as Konkan Railway Corporation Limited, Hindustan Zinc, Chennai Airport and Nabha Power, amongst others.

T Kulkarni, Vice President, GEO Division, said,´Our R&D teams work closely with our stakeholders in developing and successfully deploying various applications across sectors of civil engineering, aquaculture, agriculture and sports, amongst others. We continuously strive to develop and integrate new and germane product technologies offering the best-in-class value proposition to our customers.

Our phased involvement, right from manufacturing to execution for various projects undertaken has translated well and helped us enrich our expertise.´

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