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Gen-next mining solutions

Gen-next mining solutions

As the Indian economy continues to grow from strength to strength, significant investments are being made to improve the much needed infrastructure of the construction and the mining industries, that are not far behind, with a high demand for fuel efficient and high productivity tippers. The Eicher Pro 8000 Series of mining tippers offer a world-class technology to meet this requirement. It ensures speedy completion of the job and faster transportation at high volumes in mining sites to lower the cost-per-ton.

With demanding, tough terrains and round-the-clock operation in mining segment, you need tippers with unmatched efficiency, reliability, driver comfort and safety to maximise productivity. The Eicher Pro 8000 series tippers are the right answer for the road ahead, which satisfy the highest demands for reliability, ruggedness and long service life, and open up a new dimension in transport efficiency.

Eicher has come to understand the needs of large mining transporters, the unique mining conditions and provides trucks and services to meet them.

The Eicher Pro Series of Mining Tippers has emerged as a premium offering in the emerging Value truck segment. In a short span of time, the 200th vehicle was delivered, making it the most preferred truck brand in its class, in mining. It is a tipper that gets the job done easily and economically – meeting the highest standards of safety.

When it comes to performance, the Pro 8000 is powered by the new generation VEDX8 7.7 Litre common rail diesel engine for unmatched fuel efficiency, long life and superior performance in its class. In less than a year, the Eicher Pro8000 series mining tipper has crossed 7,400 working hours in just 12 months, proving the record of reliability and efficiency, designed to offer lifetime profitability with higher uptime and productivity.

The tipper performs the best when there is coordination between man and machine. Since the cabin is the place where drivers spend most of their time, Eicher has given a lot of thought to the cab in terms of a workplace. The aerodynamic & ergonomic cab is designed to deliver best-in-class productivity and efficiency. The cabin is spacious, yet doesn´t get in the way when climbing in and out. It is the safest cabin, meeting the stringent European cab safety standard of ECE R29 cab strength tests including front impact and roof strength tests.

There´s a new storage space beside the driver´s seat for paperwork and a much better compartment on the side of the door. These tippers provide the ideal environment to drivers to keep them stress-free & comfortable.

At Eicher, the sale of a truck marks the beginning of a relationship. To ensure that the Eicher trucks deliver the best-in-class productivity, fuel efficiency & vehicle uptime, there are 167 service touch points across the country. In the last year, we have clocked 97 per cent uptime with 15 tippers working in the mines of Central India, setting a new benchmark. The services are customised to meet specific needs. The aftermarket services are designed to deliver maximum profitability over the life cycle of the product.

Eicher LIVE – Intelligence that drives business
Eicher Pro 8000 Series tippers bring the much awaited mining solutions in the value segment with premium features, giving the advantage of cost-effectiveness. Eicher LIVE is an advanced fleet management system that allows the management of truck fleets by monitoring their movement, fuel consumption and maintenance need. It offers granular views, at the level of a driver, a vehicle and a time span.

It´s a real time dashboard of the fleet, tracking the most important factors: whether fuel and time is being properly spent and which trucks may be developing faults, thus allowing maintenance planning.

To know more about the Eicher mining tippers which would revolutionise the way you look at tippers, visit www.eicher.in or write to them on emt@eicher.in

Product Features

  • Efficient & dynamic engine – For unmatched fuel efficiency, long life and superior performance in its class
  • Lifetime support solutions – For peace of mind
  • In-built safety – For you, and those around you
  • Driver comfort for driver productivity – Aerodynamic and ergonomic cab design, delivering best-in-class productivity and efficiency
  • The driveline has been optimised to withstand tough conditions, while delivering the highest levels of productivity, reliability, durability and more product life in its class.

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