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Govt may limit premium airline seats

Govt may limit premium airline seats

The Union government is likely to limit the number of seats that an Indian carrier can sell to passengers through pre-booking for a fee to 15 per cent to 20 per cent of the aircraft capacity. The aviation ministry is planning to ask airlines to limit this to the front and emergency row seats that have more legroom and the window and aisle seats of the second to fifth or sixth row.

The government had asked airlines to identify some premium seats and not put a tag on every seat. This directive had come after one budget airline put a tag on each of its seats — including the disliked middle seat — and had to reverse its decision following a public outcry. With the airlines yet to get back to the government, the Ministry is now planning to issue a notification limiting the seats that can be sold.

In addition it is going to make it mandatory for airlines to very clearly state which seats can be booked and for how much, apart from clarifying that passengers can get seats at time of check-in also without any extra charge too.

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