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Gujarat wind power capacity leaps 500%

Gujarat wind power capacity leaps 500%

The wind power generation capacities of Gujarat have seen a sharp increase since 2006 from 338 MW to 2175.5 MW in 2011. The share of Gujarat in the country's total wind power generation capacities has jumped from a mere 6.32 per cent in 2006 to a respectable 15.36 per cent in 2011. While Gujarat has shown a growth of over 545 per cent in wind power capacities in past six years, the country's wind power generation capacities have gro­wn by 165 per cent from 5341 MW in 2006 to 14,158 MW by March 2011. The data provided by the Indian Wind Energy Association (IWEA) showed that Gujarat has shown impr­essive growth in the wind power generation capacities. 

According to industry exp­erts, wind velocity in the range of 6-7 m/sec is best suitable for the wind power generation. Winds blowing from Arabian Sea and winds in desert area of Kutch are believed to be fav­ouring wind energy sector. Though the cost of generation is high for wind power projects, more and more players are setting up wind power gene­ration units. Wind power is seen as most preferred green energy source in India.


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